Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Its been a crazy weekend. I didnt do anything special to celebrate Easter - though I did take the time to thank God - since that is what Easter is about. For the most part I missed most of the weekend. I have been losing alot of time and been really triggered lately but I am not sure about what.

Its been getting so bad that SH has been on my mind again, I hate even admitting it since its been at least 2 years since I have. I thought I was past this. I hate that I dont even know what is triggering me.

I have considered the possibility that maybe its someone inside getting triggered and its affecting me hense why I cant figure out what is causing it. What ever it is I hope it settles soon.

It is really upsetting my sleep and so I am not getting as much as I was but I am still sick so my energy levels are worst than ever and now I have a splitting headache. Why cant things just go well for me?!

I dont know that I want to post this but I decided I was going to be honest as possible on this blog and not posting this seems to be as bad as lying so here it is.


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