These are general sites that are about Mental Health Issues, offering general information, sources of advice and generally a good place to start when wanting to find out more. Some these sites dont go into dissociation at all but there is alot of good information on depression and anxiety - a number of great articles in the mental health field - nothing on dissociation unfortunately - but good clear information about a number of other mental health issues

Back Dog Institute - A non-profit organisation helping with depression and bipolar disorder.They have a number of good books, they are probably most well known for "I Had a Black Dog" & "Living with the Black Dog", both beautiful illustrated books which are so comforting and easy to understand.

Multicultural Mental Health Australia - These guys are Australia based (obviously) but they have a number of fact sheets that a well done and available in a number of languages.

Reach Out - Another Australian site aimed at young people (12-25years old). They provide good information particularly for younger people and also have their own community which I have been told is good.

Beyond Blue - Much like Reach Out this is an Australian site working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation - I think they explain what they are about best - "The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is an international, non-profit, professional association organized to develop and promote comprehensive, clinically effective and empirically based resources and responses to trauma and dissociation and to address its relevance to other theoretical constructs."

What is Dissociation? - A great PDF explaining what Dissociation is and goes into the different types of dissociative disorders.

An Infinite Mind - An American non-profit organisation which seeks to inform about dissociation (particularly DID) and to help those who have it.

Sidran Institute - a group aiming to educate about trauma and dissociation and treament. Has a number of good pages and PDFs with information on dissociation (including DID) and PTSD - the information here goes into alot more detail including Q&A about DID, information for survivors about intergration, and a PDF of a book called "My Mom is Different" aimed for children who have a parent with DID.

Books and Other Resources - Plan to work on this soon

Help and Crisis
Befrienders - A site aimed to help those depressed and suicidal. They have a database which allows you to find helplines in your country.

Forums and Chatrooms
Pandora's Aquarium - an amazingly supportive forum for survivors of sexual abuse. This forum is very large and detailed - it has a password protected section (subforum) where only people with DID can post and read the posts, as well as a number of other subforums on a number of relavent topics (SI, eating disorders etc.). It also has a section for family and friends of survivors. It also has its own chat room. One downside is alts arent able chat here or post as alters - though a person with DID can have one username and alters can post under it as long as they dont identify themselves as alts.

Fort Refuge - another great forum for survivors, has sections where alters can openly post and a few chat rooms including a room for young alts to chat and play openly.

Survivor Chat - Just as the name says - chat rooms for survivors, it also has its own forum - I havent never seen anyone in the chat rooms but it could be more busy during American times when I am rarely on the net.

Mosaic Minds - a site dedicated to DID, in their words - " provides an online format where people can share their experiences in living with this condition with others like themselves, as well as provide access to literature on the topic of dissociation and allow for comments and critiques of such literature."

Expressive Arts Carnival - while not a forum or chat-room, this is a project that provides survivors with a sense of community. A monthly themed exhibition of survivors art and creative writing. I really encourage other survivors to check this out and participate if you feel comfortable.

Blogs about DID
Sunshine and Shadows, Life with DID - a blog by a survivor with DID - a great writer who is wonderfully expressive in her words.

Mind Parts -  a blog by a survivor with dissociative issues - I have found Paul's posts to be particularly thought provoking. Also is the creator of the Expressive Arts Carnival

Discussing Dissociation- a blog written by a therapist who writes about DID, different issues that can come up, they comment on media out there (such as United States of Tara). They also often discuss art done by survivors and what may be represented in them - interesting read.

Have You got Parts? Dissociative Identity Disorder and Me - some insightful posts into life with DID

The Faces of Me - a blog that was by a Christian with DID - unfortunately she seems to have stopped posting as of 2008 but there are a number of old posts that are well worth the read.