Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Art

Im feeling much better and looking forward to the girls bible study tonight, bit nervous about having so many people over when things have been so crazy and up and down but I think it will be good. There are only a maxamium of 7 girls so that shouldnt be to bad. I have the house cleaned up and Sarah is bring around snacks.

This has to be a short post cause I am working on uni work - I am doing this on a quick break. but I wanted to let you know I am doing better.

What happen with that guy was mostly a misunderstanding, he is caring and very sweet and for now I think we are just going to take things slow and see what happens. I am not sure how it will work but if its meant to be it will happen. No matter what I am greatful for his friendship.

I was also right that it was the older 8yo who came out and messed up the place - Stacy now has her in her room and she is being told she needs to learn to deal with her anger constructively. She did break all of our eggs in the backyard as Sunshine and Shadows suggested (which Charlie, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross really enjoyed :p) I am not sure if that helped or not - but thanks for the advice!

She and her little sister (the younger 8yo) did some painting to and I have permission to share a couple peices with you.

The older 8yo did these 2:

The younger 8yo did the following picture as well as some others which she doesnt wish to share

I think the older 8yos painting are expressions of her anger and want to cut but I cant be sure - thats just my guess. The younger 8yo often paints things that she finds calming, sunsets, water, animals etc. this is a good example I guess.


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