Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crazy days filled with little things

Yesterday was yet another crazy day. I had to interview Alison for my assignment. Then went and had a blood test and then had the girls bible study. May not seem much to a person with a relatively normal routine but when you include the large amount of time I lose to my alts for things like "play time" for the littles, study time for uni and just generally chores to make sure the house is neat for guests.

Anyway, my 10 minute interivew lasted 30 minutes and I have no idea how to shorten it. I have to check with my lecturer what to do - I thought I had gone over 5 mins but it ended up being alot more than that. I still have to interview Matt and like Alison pointed out (when I was chatting to her about it after the interview) Matt talks alot more than Alison does! I even skipped questions as it was for Alison, what am I going to do with Matt? ahhh! Hopefully my lecturer will not mind its longer - I think he wanted us to keep it to 10mins so it wouldnt be to hard to type the transcript.

The blood test was problamtic to say the least, Torry & the 12yo were having some fun and teasing Natalie, Katy and Shadow that the nurses who take the blood are really Vampires and so they got scared. I did tell the nurse that I had DID - just in case and she was good about it. Luckly I didnt switch during but switched alot after and Natalie is still upset about it. I know Torry & the 12yo didnt mean any harm and we ended up having the tests 2 days earlier so they didnt know that we were going to get blood taken so soon. The whole thing was just a huge fuss.

Bible study went well, I really like all the girls in the study and both this week and last week I took something away from it so I think its going to be a great learning experience. At the end of the study this week we decided to break up into groups of 3 so we could have a more open and intimate prayer time.  It was really good and I told the 2 girls I was with about DID which seemed to go down well. One of them Sarah M (there are 2 Sarahs in the bible study and 2 Becs!) was just really curious and wanting to ask alot of questions which was awesome. It puts me at ease when people are openly curious. I guess its because if they feel comfortable enough to ask their questions then they probably dont see me as that different or as some mentally ill freak. Laura, the other girl I told was more quiet, she did ask questions but not as much and seemed more just letting it sink in. I think I will have to wait until next week before I feel confident that she is ok with what I told her.

This morning I woke up very stiff and sore, I had cramps in my stomach, and all my mucles along my lower back, spine and shoulders when clenched tight. Even now it hurts to move. I think I its just stress catching up with me - I often carry my tension in my back or thats what the physio said. I havent been to a physio in years now because I am no longer covered by my parents health cover and I just cant afford it. Physio is unfortunately not on Medicare.

Finally was able to talk to Kyle this morning which was really good, its amazing how much I miss chatting to him when we dont talk.  I still am not sure how I feel about him or whether it would be a good idea to date him or not. But for now we are just going to see what happens and just enjoy eachothers company. Its great to be able to chat to someone who gets your fears and understands where you are coming from. He is also a very understanding, caring guy and its nice to know that not all men are complete jerks.


Sunshine and Shadows said...

You are brave to tell people about having DID. I'm glad they were supportive towards you. I don't dare tell anyone. Only my immediate family and four very trusted friends know.

I hope your blood work comes out okay.

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