Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time Lost

So I lost the better part of this week. I am not entirely sure whats going and and its making me panic like crazy. The biggest problem is I cant hear anyone inside at the moment.

I think when I am paniced or in a bad place I put my "walls" up again and block my alters out. I am behind on uni and was hoping to spend the last week studying. Now my parents are coming to visit ANZAC weekend (24-25 April) and the house is a mess and so I have to get it organised before then.

I have another Assessment due the second week in May and its even bigger than the first and I have bearly started.

I am doing my best not to stress out but I am failing.



Telstaar said...

*gentle hugs*

Oh kit, I'm so sorry for what you're feeling right now. I COMPLETELY understand what that is like, in sooo many ways. I don't think there is any easy way but hanging on to the wings of God for dear life while he flies across the canyon.... he's not gonna let you go Kit.

Is there anything you can do to allow the alters to talk while the walls are up? For example, writing in separate journals? Or drawing etc? Things you know they like, particularly those that are able to control and interceed with the others.

Will be praying and email if you want to k??

Telly xoox

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