Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bible Studies and music

The girls bible study went really well - it challenged me and that is totally awsome. It made me want to spend more time considering what I am reading - I want to try and learn more, with that in mind I have made a second blog which I am going to record what I am learning what is challenging me and my questions etc. You can check it out here if you are interested. I decided to do it as a blog because whenever I have tried to keep a journal I have failed but I have done better with this blog so I am hoping the same will be for my Christian blog.

Tonight I went to the normal bible study (both boys and girls) we started on 1 Cornithians which is interesting but something in it must have triggered me because I switched. I only recently came to myself and I have no idea how I got home or what happened at the end of that bible study which is making me nervous. Not everyone at the bible study knows I have DID and it could have been ackward. I will call Sarah tomorrow, who knows about DID and who goes to my bible study - she usually drives me there and home so she should know what happens and if I need to go on damage control

I am not listening to music to calm me down. 3 songs in particular:

Missy Higgins; "Scar" - this one I have been obessed with for the past 2 weeks. Its an amazing song with really meaningful lyrics and I suggest it to anyone.
The other two are both by Lady Antebellum - who I only recently came across by accident. the group is good I really think they are talented and are good at what they do
"Need You Now" - this song I have been listening to all day. Not sure why but I get like that particularly if something is bothering me
"I Run to You" - I love this music video, you need to watch it carefully but it is beautiful in a simplistic way. Very powerful and I good song too. You can check it on YouTube here.


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