Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sorry its been a while since the last post; we have been really triggered lately. For those of you who dont understand what triggered is, its when something in everyday life that makes you remember the abuse. It causes anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. We havent had panic attacks in a while - mostly because we recognise when theya re about to come and use strategies to calm down enough that they dont happen.

However when we get triggered I lose alot of time to the alts; we feel anxious and dont get much sleep. We have recently been readign about grounding - something that is supposed to help people with DID handle anxiety. This is something we plan to discuss with our psychologist on Thursday. In the mean time we are trying a few things.

A few of my alts have also been wanting to try a new type of art (the style isnt new, but they havent done it before) - mosaics. So today we are going to cut up lots of coloured paper and use glue to make pictures and patterns. I am hoping this will help the little ones feel better - or maybe express how they feel.

Expression of emotion is important and art is often used in therapy for this - particularly with children - or child alts.

Sorry for the shortness of this post but I just wanted to give you an update.


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