Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Its Done - my assignment has been handed in. I thought I would feel relieved or something. I just feel exhausted.

I want to curl up and hide from the world. Forget uni, forget chores, just disappear for a while. I am going to let myself have a break over easter but I cant longer, the house is a mess and I am behind on my actual studies since I put them aside to do the assignment. Not to mention I have a second assessment due the 10th of May which is even bigger than my first so I have to start on that.

I have a new alt too, well sort of. Jazzie has been around for 2 years but only decided to let me know about her last night. She seems friendly enough and when I get to know her a bit I might describe her for you guys and add her to my list. But for now I know she is 19, very confident, happy and just likes to have fun.She has been helping inside for a while too.

Other Random News:
My parents have been on a cruise to Africa (lucky them) and they get back on Easter Saturday so it will be nice to hear from them.

My ex, Ralph, who I am still great friends with tells me he is planning on getting married at the end of the year.He hasnt proposed yet but plans to do so soon and he and his girlfriend have been discussing for a while so he is sue she will say yes. I feel so excited for him. Its weird - I mentioned before about being jealous of my other friends who have started dating and I am but with Ralph I am just so happy for him.

Not much else to mention so I might finish up

Happy Easter


Telstaar said...

Hey K,

I was praying for you specifically today and about your assignment. I was going to write and ask how it was going but I'm exhausted and struggling and yeah... you're not forgotten though.

I'm glad that you're assignment is in. I'm glad that you're going to give yourself a break, even if just for a few days.

I'm thinking of and praying for you

Always Telly xo

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