Friday, March 19, 2010

The House in my Head

In my post Bill Henson Assessment I mentioned a "room" system. I will try to explain it here.

When I am "out", as in I am the one interacting with the world the one doing things, talking to people etc. my alts are "inside". To make this more pleasent, provide for everyone's needs and to make organisation easier, my alts changed "inside" into a house - creating rooms, decorating them, etc.  Here is a description of the rooms in our "house"

Our house is divided into 3 sections or levels.

The Main Area

The first or the main section is made up of rooms that almost anyone can go into. I say almost because there are some rooms in which Stacy bans people unless they can behave and follow the rules.

The Common Room
 This is a room where everyone is welcome to just be together, to "hang out" and just chat etc. It has a large TV on one wall which shows what is happening on the "outside" - in other words it shows what I (or who ever is out) can see and hear.

The Front Room
This room was created later when I first started to hear my alts. They can be very noisey and I couldnt control it. I found it scarey and overwhelming. So the front room was created and the rest of the house was "sound proofed". This meant that I could only hear my alts when they were in the front room. There are alot of rules associated with this room, the main one being:
Only one person at a time, except in special circumstances - which require Big K's permission.
These days I can choose to hear what is happening in the main are, if I choose to or if someone is really excited and making alot of noise, but the front room is still used if someone needs to get my attention.

Comfort Room
This is a soft cuddly room filled with pillows, cushions and soft toys. This is where the little ones can go if they want comfort and dont want to be alone in their room.

The Play Room
I guess this is pretty self explanatory - its a room filled with toys and games for the littles to play inside.

The Art Room
This room is for art and a place for the littles to express themselves. The 10yo sometimes organises fun craft activities here for the younger ones when they need to be distracted.

The Outdoor Area
This is a large garden or backyard which is divided into sections.

The Play Ground
Once again pretty self explanatory - This where the play equipment is, the sand pit, swings, slide, climbing etc.

The Grass Area
This is just like it sounds, an area covered in soft grass where the littles can run around and play chase or have a picnic

The Gardens
This area is a large garden with paths wondering all through it. It has ponds, and small waterfalls. I am told that this area is very much based on the Chinese gardens.

The Quiet, Relaxing Area
A place to sit and mediate, pray, or just think. One of the paths in the Garden area lead to this and in a way its part of the Gardens. It has a large Gazebo with comfortable benches that over look a large pond and waterfall.


Our Rooms Area

This where each alt has their own room (we call them bedrooms though not all have beds Im told) - no one but the alt is allowed in that room. We cant hear/see what happens in that room but we can feel them there and know they are safe. This is where my littles go when they want to hide from the world. Its also where my bigs get peace from the littles!! I cant describe what these rooms are like as each of the littles have decorated their own room and filled it their own things.

The Basement

This is where I go when I go inside and one of the little come out. I am not concious of going inside or what happens when I am inside - I only know I go here because the little ones tell me this is where they feel me when I am inside.They also say there are alot of dark things down there that cant see but that feel bad. My guess would be that this is stuff that is still repressed which scares all of a us alittle.

So that is our house as it is today. The 4yo, 6yo, 7yo and Julia created the pictures. Stacy and some of the other littles helped explain to me what each room is for as a Im not really aware of the house yet.

For me I can now hear my alts as I said - though not when they are in their rooms or if I am in mine. I can also "feel" if I am out and focusing. Though they can hide from me so I cant always. When I 'feel' them I get a sense of how they are feeling but also there is a feeling that is unquie to them that doesnt change.


Sunshine and Shadows said...

I found that creating safe places was a must for me. I like your set up.

Bee said...

Great set up! It makes me want to draw what our inside house looks like and post it on my blog.

Healing said...

That is a cool set up. How did you draw that out? I would like to do that with my system.

Andréa said...

That looks like a beautiful home.

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