Monday, March 22, 2010


Things havent been going well lately and it has effected my ability to keep this blog up to date. For that I am sorry. In fact it has kept me from keeping up to date with everything - uni, chores, goals etc.

I have been really tired alot for the last couple of months but ts been getting worse, and lately I have been to the point of exhaustion.There have been days where my arms ache so much that I havent done my hair. I am way behind on my laundry because I cant hang it on the line (and I dont own a clothes dryer.)

Anyway I went to the doctor who organised for blood tests (well that caused a huge problem with Natalie, needles are scary) So the results came in on Friday - it seems it wasnt clear, but something might be up with my thyroid and liver. However I have to wait a month before more tests to rule out a virus.

I dont know I can live a month of this. Plus I have an assessment due a week today and I have been working on it lately because I am too tired. I have been losing alot more time too, my alts dont handle being sick very well.

So thats what been happening, I might not post much this week I need to focus on my assignment.


Telstaar said...

Hey MM,

Soooo sorry that life is just so overwhelming right now. I completely understand (in my own way of course) and there are many days when I wonder if I will make it through the following day let alone the following week or month... hang in there.

As for your blog, *I* like reading BUT never EVER feel obligated to write etc when you're not up to it. That is definitely the advantage of dashboard and google reader that notifies us with your posts so all good.

Thinking of you xo

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I hope ou are feeling better soon. I am DID as well. I know that some days, you just need rest. I hope all is well with your health.

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