Thursday, November 25, 2010

Healing Colours

Yesterday's post went a little off track, and some where completely unexpected. After I finished writing it I was completely exhausted and went back to bed even though it was only 10 in the morning. I was feeling shaky and short of breath - I knew I was triggered but at the same time I felt separate from it all. That isn't unusual for me, it is another form of disassociation, it is common for people with a dissociative disorder to experience several types of disassociation, not just the one commonly linked to their disorder.

Anyway, I awoke from my nap still feeling triggered and switching in and out a lot, I think a couple of my alts had nightmares during our nap. I decided to try something new to calm us down. I put some calming music on (Norah Jones) and then I pulled out some oil pastels and choose "calming colours" - colours I associate with calm, tranquility and peace. For me those colours are greens and blues and purples. I then sat down to a blank piece of paper working with only those colours. Here is the result:

There was no real plan with the patterns and I have no idea if it symbolises anything but I do like the outcome and it did help all of us to calm down a little. It helped ground me too so I wasn't switching as much.


Candycan said...

this does calm me too. It has gentle colours and shapes. When I look at this I feel safe and more calm. Is that how it made you feel?

MultipleMe said...

Yeah it definitely it did - and its still how I feel when I look at it. I am very fond of this piece of artwork

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