Friday, December 10, 2010

Shadow's Artwork

Shadow came out and did a drawing with charcoal a while ago, which is unlike him - he doesn't usually get into art. Shadow is a part I know very little about and he scares me a little - probably because of my lack of knowledge, and maybe a little because he is a male part. We have tried to approach him, include him but he always stands back - stays on the outside of our  circle so to speak. Despite that fear I definitely still care for him.

I am not sure what Shadow was meaning to symbolise and he hasn't told us. When I look at it I felt sadness, anger and a little anxious. After having looked at Natalie's portrait (see here) and also reading Paul's comment and his post Blending; I am wondering if this is the other side - this is Shadow's sense of separateness.


Paul said...

How very aware of you to know that you are probably scared of shadow because you don't know about him. I like the concept of the "circle" and I use it a lot in therapy and healing. My goal is always to broaden my circle. To include more and more. To listen more and more. To know more and more. The fact you are allowing this art to be posted shows that you are willing. Good for you.

castorgirl said...

What struck me about this piece of artwork, was the slanted pattern in amongst the horizontal. I'm not sure why it struck me, but it did. Have you learned any more about what Shadow was communicating with the art?

I have a couple within the system that I fear, yet care about. I hope that if they can feel my fear, that they can also feel the caring.

Take care,

The Weird Ones said...

It stuck me as disorder and conflict. Maybe smoke. It looks like fear and anger and confusion.

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