Thursday, December 2, 2010

A portrait of Us by Natalie

Natalie decided that she wanted to try out the new pastels and this is the result.

When asked about it she said "that's us". This confused me and I tried to get her to explain but found her explanation completely confusing. However with some help from Elsie and Julia I was able to understand a little better.

As I have mentioned before Natalie is an Empath - at least where the other little ones are concerned. She often feels their emotions - is overwhelmed by them at times. In this picture it's the different emotions of each part. How we often clash and other times agree - how we blend together in body. But each of us is distinct and different - though some parts tend to blend into the background more than others.

I like the idea, though I think some of the colours are too bright and cheerful to describe us. But I am told the actual colours are not important - its the way they come together. Still not sure if I completely agree but it is an interesting idea.


Paul said...

This is really nice. Congratulations to you all for doing this. I did something similar in a post called "Blending". You may find it speaks to you, at least how I talked about the colors blending. I'm so glad I've found your blog (or you introduced me to it is more accurate). I find it a nice place to be!

MultipleMe said...

Thank you so much Paul - it means a lot for you to say that - my blog is very special to me and sharing with other people is a big part of that. Its nice to know that it means something to others too.

I read your post - I completely got where you are coming from, I really related to your comment about "finding solace in the physical process of blending the colours with my fingers". Its the reason I love chalk pastels - I prefer them to the oil pastels because they are softer - I find that soothing.

The Weird Ones said...

This picture makes me feel sad. The colours together while they look bright and cheerful, actually makes me feel sad and scared. I see anger in the picture, but also innocence and confusion. The clash in the middle scares me.

None of us have really been doing much art while out lately, we just dont have the money for the art supplies and there's no room to draw to be honest. Perhaps we'll upload something soon xx

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