Friday, February 18, 2011

Expressive Arts Carnival Febuary Entry

This month's Expressive Arts Carnival theme is "your truth", the above picture is my submission. When I first planned this picture it was going to be a landscape, which changed under the magnifying glass. One day I started drawing and the tree came about instead. While it was unintentional, I am very happy with the out come. I found the theme particularly challenging as when I read it I realised I do not know what I would consider "my truth".  I have spent a lot of this month contemplating what truth is in relation to healing and to DID.

Recently I have been making an effort to be more positive in the way I look at things and for the most part I have been really getting better at it. This month has been particularly positive for me, but that could also be to do with the me getting out more and spending time with some wonderful, kind people. This drawing is a representation of me taking a closer look at my life and trying to find a more positive truth.

Truth is largely influenced by perspective, it probably why two eye-witnesses will never give the exact same story. Each person sees things a little differently. The way a person is feeling at the time can change it too. In a post I wrote about a week ago, I talked about different things that had been happening lately and how I could chose to see them as a good thing or a bad thing. Both would have been *true* interpretations but they are very different things. What is comes down to, 'is the glass half full, or half empty?'

I have a lot I wanted to say on this topic but I have been really worn out this week and I am struggling to find the right words. So I think I might finish up on this post and come back to this topic when I am thinking more clearly and better articulate my thoughts on the subject.


castorgirl said...

This is stunning Kylie. You're so right, it's easy to see things as half empty, rather than half full - I work with a couple of women like that, and it's a real eye opener! They don't even have that much to complain about, but it's become their way of life.

I think we all go through times of seeing the negative in things, I think that's part of being human. The trick is not to stay in that space. Being around kind people is one of the great antidotes to that thinking... I'm glad you have people like that around you.

Truth is a difficult topic... What's one persons truth is another persons lie. It's odd and confusing.

Take care,

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Kylie, This is quite an amazing drawing because it says so much and probably says something different to each person who sees it (or even multiple meanings to each person). I absolutely love it!

For me, I often draw trees because they show connections and scale. I love how your magnifying glass shows detail that one doesn't see with the naked eye. I think that is directly related to truth. One could say that the magnifying glass reveals the truth, which is more complicated than the higher level picture.

One could also say that the magnifying glass is the person's (you) ability and effort to look inside yourself and explore and see where you can put effort into change.

There is so much here. And it's absolutely incredible that you did it while in the midst of being so worn out. It's as if this came from a place of knowing.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is such an incredible piece. I love the way the magnifying glass shows a different perspective, it certainly speaks volumes to me. Thankyou so much for sharing this.

katie said...

hi kylie~ i wanted to come over from the carnival to read more about what you wrote about your drawing. i really love it and feel that you've illustrated something so meaningful and important and beautiful here. thank you so much for sharing it! i think you are so right, that people perceive things in different ways. and i think the magnifying glass is a very important tool and metaphor. i think each of us does have the power to see the beauty in things, in our life, in others, in ourselves, but we don't always know that we have that power. and the way other people view things, or tell us what is real, or what matters most, can be confusing when it conflicts with our own view. thank you for sharing this and the meaning you are finding for yourself. i can relate to what you wrote and appreciate it. especially today. wishing you well~

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