Monday, February 22, 2010

A Starting Point

Im not sure how to start this.

This blog is unlike me, I am generally a very private person, even more so after DID became a major part of my life. Most of alts are children under the age of 10; and its not easy to hide if they come out in public.  And not all people react with understanding.  That can be frightening, which is why I am so private.

However I have been thinking that people only react badly because they dont understand. So this blog is about showing that a person with DID is still a normal person, everyone has problems and issues, a person with DID just has a little more trouble hiding it.

I suppose I should start by explaining what DID is.

Disassociation is a common mechnism for any person - you know when you just tune out, then realise that your mind has been else where for the last 20 mins? Thats disassociation - its a normal thing for people to do.

Disassociation Identity Disorder is when that disassosiation becomes more extreme. In most cases this happens when a child suffers from physical/sexual abuse over a long period. A person with DID will have at least 2 alts. In my case I have 15 alts, as far as the reason I might explain my past in a bit more detail in another post. But right now I am not ready to share that.

A better explanation of DID can be found at these websites

Dissociative Identity Disorder
Skeptic Dictionary

I guess this is a good a start as any. Feel free to comment or ask questions - I will always do my best to answer them.


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