Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I currently have a good friend staying with me for a few days. Friends are important and these days I cant say I have too many good friends. Its hard to keep in touch when you are scared of alts coming out in public.

Anyway, this friend is a particularly good one because he doesnt mind my alts, he is just as happy to spend time with them as he is to spend time with me. Which is actually really rare, even among my good friends. Even those that know about them and are ok with it, still get uncomfortable around them. So to have a friend who is unfazed by my alts even from the start is amazing.

I guess I just want to say treasure your friends and be there for them because you have no idea when you might need them to be there for you. And dont forget to thank your friends who do stand by you even in tough times - those type of people are rare and you should hold on to them. Ok so that my sentimental advice, bit corny but so true!

I also want to take the time to thank Xiaocaca  for allowing me to post her artwork on my blog. Please go look her work - it is amazing and well worth the time.


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